PISA 2020

The classic spring Go Tournament of Pisa will be held on 24-25-26 of April 2020 at Stazione Leopolda , Piazza Domenico Guerrazzi 11, Pisa.

Registration form

Press the above button to fill the subscription form. Note that the applicable registration fee depends on the payment date, not the registration date.


Before 6 January 202035€25€15€
Before 22 March 202045€35€25€
Late and on site55€45€35€

Advance online payment can be made through a Paypal money box or by wire transfer (ask for the coordinates).

We generally provide no refund. However, you can pass your subscription to someone else by notifying us in advance, and we can refund your fee in exceptional cases of grave and unexpected personal, professional or go-related problems.

Registration does not freeze your fee: be sure to pay in due time to profit from the lower fees. Please register before paying.

Registered players


Money awards for top 5 placements sum up to a minimum of 750€

Prizes for side tournament winners and for best players too!


MAIN TOURNAMENT (Japanese, base time 1’30” plus + 3 byo-yomi periods of 30″)

Friday 2413.00
Friday 2416.30
Saturday 259.00
Saturday 2514.00
Sunday 269.00
Sunday 2614.00


Friday 249×9 (10.00)
Saturday 25Pair Go (17.45)
Saturday 25Lightning (17.45)

Meet the local players on Thursday 23!

Local players can provide some free accommodations: feel free to ask

Stay tuned for more info about prizes, side events, accommodations and special guests


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